My name is Josie and I am currently studying towards a digital marketing apprenticeship with Next Level Training

I first starting my apprenticeship by spending hour searching through the government apprenticeship site and applying for all kinds of roles, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but knew I needed to gain the experience.

Having spent 6 weeks trying to secure an interview I heard back from Next Level and they set me up really quickly to meet my now employer

The first couple of weeks I was really unsure, this was my first real 9-5 role and although mum said it would be hard I didn’t believe her!

With the help of my tutor and my manager we managed to find a pattern that works for all of us:

8:00AM – I travel to work either by bus or walk each day which suits me, it’s a great way to refresh and get some exercise and even grab a coffee on the way in

9:00AM – We have a regular morning meeting where my line manager and the team discuss what we are planning to do each day

10:00AM – I like to help the office out by regularly posting on their social media, I will either go on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to catch up with relevant industry news and do a shout-out to a member of our team!

11:00AM – I either go to our post room to deliver other colleagues post, answer the phones when they ring, or order stationary and stock for the team shop

12:00PM – LUNCH, not only is lunch a great way to socialise with other teams, we are so close to all the shops in the city centre so if I need anything can just go grab it

1:00PM – I like to keep an eye on my emails throughout the day and quite often will get requests from the posts I have made, marketing involves a lot of relationship building and quick responses to our clients so I like to make sure I am on top of this

2:00PM – Here I will update our website with any new products, if someone has noticed any grammar errors or if we need to add another policy to our website I will do this then

4:00PM – I usually take some time at the end of the day to update my SmartAssessor, research on our workshop assignment or visit my BKSB to have a go on some of the English and maths assessments and log any work that I have done.

My apprenticeship fits in really easily with work and I rarely feel overwhelmed with the amount there is to do, finally in the swing of things and can really picture myself with this company for years to come.

Note from Ellie @ Next Level: If you ever have any questions regarding our apprenticeships we have ambassadors who you can speak with including myself who will answer any queries no matter whether big or small and give you an insight in to what an apprenticeship might be like for you in a new role.