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Details of appointment company available on request from Next Level Training

£172 pre week

The job of office junior involves occupying and carrying out the functions of the post room which include: photocopying as and when requested, travelling round the firm every 40 minutes or so emptying trays and distributing mail internally, organising despatch of mail by post and by document exchange, sending of faxes, visits to the bank, issuing documents at the court and similar. There is a networked PC in the post room and we would expect the office junior to practise copy tying and audio typing skills on this when time allows. At times the job is pressurised and stressful (with lots of people asking the office junior to do things all at once) and there are slack periods at other times.

We recruit an office junior with a view to her/his carrying the job (and learning some of the basic skills of being a legal secretary) for the period of about a year at which time (dependent on there being space available) we would try to arrange a move to her/him becoming a junior secretary, probably floating, filling in for other secretaries as and when they are for example away on holiday.

This is a business administration level 3 apprenticeship opportunity where you develop your knowledge and skills to improve the administration services

To apply for this job please visit www.nextleveltraining.uk.com.