A key part of our development is to listen to what you have to say and make changes you have requested.

We have made a divisional report on key areas of development for February and here are the highlights:


You asked how to set up a Moodle account and what the benefits of having Moodle are. Moodle is currently being revamped to offer more revision and resources for the following areas; Vocational, Study Programme and, maths and English.

At the moment, we have cleansed all accounts.

We are currently updating and upgrading the contents. This will be ongoing as the content is always changing.


Functional Skills Deliver Model

We asked you what would be the best way to deliver you Functional Skills sessions. You said you wanted face-to-face, webinars, and additional sessions.

From a survey we sent out in January 2022 we asked if you had access to math and English content (BKSB, Moodle) and the relevance it had within the workplace.

We are now asking employers about their understanding of Functional Skills delivery at Reflections/Next Level and what support requirements are needed in the workplace.

Once this information has been collated during review week we will be able to provide an update for March

Keeping Employers and Leaners Updated

You asked for improvement in communication with your employer regarding your progression and answering queries.

Tutors will ask you at the start of the session what would be the best way to contact your employer.

Once we have this information, we will implement measures to improve our communication.

Regular Contact with Learners

You asked to have regular contact with your tutor in between your training days.

Your tutor will book sessions in at the end of each previous session so you know when you will speak with them. If you need to speak to your tutor, you can text them at any time, and they will respond at the first opportunity.

Hot Topics

You asked if we could launch/relaunch hot topics via WhatsApp.

Some topics relating to safeguarding will be sent by text from the safeguarding team. Tutors will send their learners a message on WhatsApp in preparation for a discussion on the selected topic. Topics are also on Smart Assessor.

Topics of the Month/PSHE

You asked if you could choose topics that are relevant alongside set topics.

We will slim down the topics for level 3 learners and allow them to choose topics from the set of mandatory topics. This is due to already having discussed topics previously during their level 2.

Studying programme and level 2 learners will need to covered the required PSHE topics.

Induction to New Tutors

You said you wanted to be introduced to your new tutor beforehand.

We will now send out a notice to learners about a new tutor that will be taking over your group permanently.

How to Become an Ambassador

We host regular meetings with our learners where we discuss current problems, or concerns and put these up for review. In order to become an ambassador yourself please discuss this with your tutors.

There are also several ways to contact the teams, either in our reviews or speak with a member of staff.