Business admin apprenticeships are a great way to get your foot in the door to a range of companies. By familiarising yourself with the company processes and gaining the work experience you’re sure to find yourself working your way up the ladder. 

We have 5 cracking reasons for you to consider the course

Help you develop transferable skills

Do you consider yourself as organised? A team player? Or great at time-management? All these skills and far more are developed on the course, as it’s completely work based learning these will make you far more employable in a jobs market. 

Progress quickly through the company

90% of employers offer their apprentices full time roles after the course. After the programme you’re a valuable member of the team, know the role and understand the company in depth! With the variety of areas you look at including policies, organisation structure, your business understanding will grow. We’ve seen it happen many a time where apprentices get promoted in short spaces of time, that could be you!

Encourages the entrepreneur 

Want to start your own business? Need to know the what’s when’s and how’s? Lots of apprentices grow with their company, or others gain the knowledge and roll with it. Think of The Apprentice, Karren Brady (or Baroness Brady) didn’t go down the University route, instead she became an Advertising Apprentice and a year on was an Accounts Executive and Director at the age of 20. She now has a net worth of over £85 million.

Gain confidence in your abilities

It’s hard when you’re starting off – daunting in fact! Having to meet lots of new people, leaving the comfort of your school friends and going in to the real world. But apprenticeships are a great way of developing this confidence, you can learn from others, have help from a tutor, your mentor and your manager. Getting regular feedback is a great bonus with apprenticeships, we offer regular reviews to assess your development and skills and once you start ticking off those modules you’ll feel more confident in your ability.

Versatility of an administrator

Every different sector you could think of requires some level of administration, from a lawyers, to dog kennels you can use these skills anywhere! Fashion to insurance, they all have very different processes but the same core skills just applied in different ways. Our group workshops offer you the chance to find out about other roles, in groups of 10-12 learners, there is a huge diversity and you can share best practice and collaborate with others. You never know you might even find the sector you thought you wanted wasn’t the right route and progress down a different path

These are only some of the reasons to start a Business Administration Apprenticeship but not only these, you develop industry knowledge, a recognised qualification and that valuable work experience. Discuss with us the amazing opportunities because now could be the time for change you needed.