Meet the Team

Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts

Tutor Assessor

Hi, I’m Sam and I work as a tutor/assessor for Next Level training. I’ve been doing this type of job for almost 10 years now, delivering and teaching various courses throughout this time. I’ve lived in Bristol all my life and don’t intend on leaving…why would you? I live with my wife, 2 daughters and I have a Romanian rescue dog. My hobbies include walking the dog, bike rides and playing football whenever possible.

Nickname: Nets

My goal for this year: My work goal is to simply do a great job. My personal goal is to just be a great dad.

Most interesting fact: I was involved once in saving the life of a swimming who had a heart attack.

Favourite film: I do love a film…Anything from Disney (because you can’t go wrong) to Saving Private Ryan, LOTR, DC, Marvel

Sadia Haq

Sadia Haq

Digital Marketing Tutor/Assessor

Hello, I’m Sadia. I’m one of the tutors at Next Level training and I deliver the teaching on the Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship. Before teaching, I worked in marketing for some major blue-chip national companies including Unilever and Sony BMG.

Nickname: Sads

My goal for this year: To be more present in the moment and not worry about yesterday or tomorrow!

My most interesting fact: I used to work for Sony BMG music and often had to have marketing meetings with Simon Cowell. And yes, he still wore his trousers high even back then!

Favourite film: Anything by Quentin Tarantino, The Cohen Brothers and Luc Besson (The Big Blue and Leon are some favs!)

Ellie Stone

Ellie Stone

Recruitment & Marketing Consultant

I head up recruitment for Next Level and will be the first point of call for any applicants looking to start an apprenticeship with us. I enjoy going to the pub, trying all the incredible food places in Bristol, cycling and comedy nights.

Nickname: is actually Ellie!

My goal for this year: Is to reconnect with myself – self-care! I am making time for good sleep, positive mental and physical health, time for hobbies and interests and seeing those people I love ….pampering and prosecco also included.

My most interesting fact: I play both the flute and saxophone and have travelled Europe as part of an Orchestra

Favourite film: District 9, Without a Paddle, Bridget Jones’ Diary, or anything with Adam Sandler

Lucy Agnew

Lucy Agnew


I am Divisional Director and work alongside a truly talented and enthusiastic team.

Nickname: Cinders, not sure where that came from.

My goal for this year:  to play the guitar, taking lessons badly at the moment!!

My most interesting fact: I love to travel and my best experience was when I was younger and went on safari at Krugar National Park South Africa AMAZING….

Favourite film: All-time Best “pretty Woman” and then golden oldies Gone with the Wind and Quiet Man….

Claire Mitchell

Claire Mitchell


Hi, I’m Claire.  I’ve been involved with Work-Based Learning for more than 15 years and have a real passion for helping people achieve their career goals.  I trained as a primary school teacher but quickly realised that educating the little ones just wasn’t for me!  I live in Bristol with my husband and 2 cats (although we’d love to have a dog) and when I’m not at work you’ll usually find me near the sea in my campervan.


Nickname:  Tabs (not very exciting, just an abbreviation of my maiden name).

Goal for the year:  To push outside of my comfort zone, just a little bit.

Most interesting fact:  I’m a keen amateur musician and I’ve played in brass bands since I was 8.  Music has taken me all over the UK and Europe and I’d be utterly lost without it.

Favourite film:  I suppose you’d expect me to say Brassed Off, but to be honest I don’t enjoy watching films – I’d rather be doing something myself than watching other people do it!

Annie Walters

Annie Walters

Business Development Manager

My name is Annie and I am originally from Clevedon. I love travelling and trying all sorts of new foods from around the world. 

Nickname: Annie is my nickname, but some of my close friends call me Skywalker because my real name is similar to Anakin. 

My goal for this year: To get more of my house decorated!

My most interesting fact: I used to work in China, and I almost always sneeze six times in a row.

 Favourite film: Any of the Harry Potter Films, or Burlesque!

Kate Sperring

Kate Sperring


My name is Kate, I am the Director of Next Level Training who is lucky enough to work with and steer this wonderful team!! I enjoy all social activities and any time spent with my slightly crazy family.

Nickname: Widge –  My maiden name Widger will never leave me!

My goal for this year: To lose the 2 stone I feel like I put on in lockdown (too much food and prosecco)!! And of course to make more memories with my boys!

My most interesting fact: I used to work as a holiday rep and have been lucky enough to spend a couple of years in Austria, Spain and Greece

Favourite film: The Wizard of Oz, Calamity Jane, The Wedding Singer! I’m a sucker for a musical!!

Jordan Cross

Jordan Cross


My name is Jordan and I work for Reflections Training Academy & Next Level. I am the Bristol Lead Health & Safety Officer as well as Bristol Lead IT Support. I am always happy to lend a helping hand when and where I can! In my personal time, I enjoy playing guitar for my band and touring around, growing various plants in my house and looking after my lizard babies.

Nickname: Jay, Jord

My goal for this year: To be able to get back on tour again and also travel a bit more once Covid is over!

My most interesting fact: Other than playing guitar, I have many random tattoos, including my singers name on my ankle! I’m not that interesting!

Favourite film: either Fight Club or Pulp Fiction

Sheridan Newman

Sheridan Newman


I live in Bristol, but I’m originally from Weston Super Mare. I live with my Husband, Son and a lazy Beagle called Baxter, I love Robbie Williams, Shoes, Travelling & Prosecco! Not necessarily in that order. I have had a really varied career working in retail, sales, national accounts before moving into a training role around 20 years ago (giving my age away). I really enjoy training and development, seeing learners gain knowledge and skills that will help them in their career and reach their full potential.

Nickname: Everyone calls me Sher

My goal for this year: To say yes to every invitation and opportunity! Only say no if I already have said yes to something else lol

My most interesting fact: I have done voiceovers and singing for adverts, I went to the Brit Awards every year with an old job, most memorable when Gerri wore the Union Jack dress! My favourite places are St Ives in Cornwall, Barcelona, New York and Lindos in Rhodes. I have a bucket list of things I want to see and do before I die, including swimming with sharks. I love Chocolate, but Cadburys is my favourite!

Favourite film: Too many to have 1! Top 5 Grease, My Fair Lady, Full Monty, Jaws & Shawshank Redemption


Patricia De Francisco Maroto

Patricia De Francisco Maroto

Digital Marketer

Hi! I am Patri. I moved to the UK 6 years ago but I am originally from Madrid, Spain. I have studied graphic design & communications and arts most of my life.

My role as a digital marketer is perfect because it mixed both worlds, I love it!

Nickname Patri

My goal for this year: Finish my apprenticeship qualification and evolve within the Next level Training in my future career, spend more time with the people I love and have plenty of time for myself 😊

My most interesting fact: I used to be a dancer, part of a experimental dance company called Lokomamia back in Spain; we used to perform in different Madrid theatres.

Favourite film: We Are The Millers

Suzanne Sewell

Suzanne Sewell


My name is Suzanne and I live in Bristol with my husband, my 4 year old son Arthur.  I also have two Westies, named Douglas and Charlie. My background is primary teaching but more so special educational needs and safeguarding.  In my spare time, I enjoy getting out and about for walks, visits to the Zoo and meeting up with friends and family.  My current role is Safeguarding and SENDCO for both Next Level and Reflections, so I am there to listen and support you when you need me.

Nickname: most people call me Suz

My goal for this year: to make every second count!

My most interesting fact: I really love good quality dark chocolate.

Favourite film: The Goonies or Jurassic Park

Michelle Wheeler

Michelle Wheeler

Quality of Divisional Data Development and Finance

My name is Michelle Wheeler and I have been working within the great Next Level team for the last five years. I have worked within Apprenticeships since I left school in 1998 and have seen huge changes over that time. I currently work within the data and finance department which I really enjoy.

Nickname: Shell

My goal for this year: to make lots of new memories with family and friends after the last 18 months of covid.

My most interesting fact: I am an absolute adrenaline junkie, you will find me riding roller coasters whenever I can!

Favourite film: Love watching films with my son, we really enjoy Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel but my favourite is Grease