Marketing Executive Apprenticeship

The primary role of a Marketing Executive is to help develop, implement, and support marketing plans. They work closely with the marketing manager to set the overall marketing strategy. This role requires a strong focus on understanding the target audience, as well as creativity, communication skills, and project management skills.

Typical Job Roles: Marketing Executive, Marketing Officer, Marketing and Communications Officer, Marketing Specialist, Communications Executive, Communications Specialist.

Duration: The duration of this apprenticeship is typically 15 months + gateway.

Level: This is a level 4 apprenticeship.

Entry Requirements: You will be required to achieve level 2 Functional Skills in maths and English, if relevant exemptions are not already held.
Individual employers will set any further selection criteria, but this might include relevant experience and/or an aptitude test. Employers are likely to be looking for a proven passion for digital and social media.

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What’s covered?

Marketing Theory Fundamentals

The fundamentals of marketing theory that support the marketing process e.g. the extended marketing mix (7P’S: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical environment, Process, People), product development, and segmentation

Brand Positioning, PR, and Strategies

The concepts of brand positioning and management, implementing process to support corporate reputation, producing marketing strategies

Stakeholder Principles

The principles of stakeholders and the target audience’s decision making process and how that can influence marketing activities

Sales Funnels, CRM, and Legalities

The sector specific legal, regulatory and compliance frameworks within which they must work, including current Data Protection regulations, and customer relationship management (CRM), both internal and external, to facilitate effective cross-functional relationships internally, and channel and customer relationships externally

Market Research, Surveys, and Competitor

The principles of effective market research and how this can influence marketing activity e.g. valid data collection sources and methodologies and usage, including digital sources, and when to use quantitative and qualitative methods

Project Management and Budget

Plan and deliver tactical campaigns against SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives and monitor project budgets within their scope of work using appropriate systems and controls

Product Development, Marketing Landscapes,
USPs, and Marketing Channels

Basic principles of product development and product/service portfolios and the marketing landscape and how routes to market interplay most efficiently, e.g. franchise model, distribution

Presentation Skills

Produce a wide range of creative and effective communications, including ability to write and proofread clear and innovative copy, project briefs, and give confident presentations

Professional Discussion Skills

Develop professional discussion skills in preperation for the End Point Assessment

Report Writing

Develop report writing skills to help assimilate and analyse data and information from a range of sources to support marketing activities

Evaluating Feedback

Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by choosing the appropriate digital and offline data sources. Evaluate data and research findings to derive insights to support improvements to future campaigns.

A marketing executive is using a megaphone to promote a product or service. This is an example of how marketing executives can use creative and innovative ways to reach their target audience.

Marketing Executive Apprenticeship End Point Assessment

The Marketing Executive Level 4 End Point Assessment will include the following types of assessment:



  • Multiple Choice Test (MCT)
  • Professional Discussion
  • Project Showcase

Professional Recognition

This apprenticeship is designed to meet the requirements for registration as an Affiliate Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

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