Digital Apprenticeship Service

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Changes in 2021


If you are a business with a wage bill of less than 3 million pounds you will now need to register and reserve your provider to take advantage of the National Apprenticeship Program and funding.


What is changing

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) who fund and regulate apprenticeships have announced changes to the way businesses recruit apprentices and access apprenticeship funding. This will be in the form off a new Digital Apprenticeship Service.

The key benefits to employers will be:

  • More control of apprenticeship funding
  • A wider range of local Apprenticeship providers
  • Access to the apprentice recruitment service
  • Support and guidance from Professional Apprenticeships to set up system for you
  • Use funding to recruit new hire apprentices or even train existing staff or managers
  • The government will fund 95% of any apprenticeship

How it affects you

The new system will be on a first come first served basis and the government have released only 15,000 apprenticeship places for the entire country between January and March. To avoid missing out, you need to reserve your apprenticeship training provider as soon as the system goes live in January.

You will need to confirm your organisation and maybe required to present the following information:

  • Government Gateway Credentials
  • Companies House number
  • Account Office Reference Number
  • PAYE Reference number

How we can help

We will support you to set up your system and how to use it. A member of the Recruitment team will then discuss suitable job descriptions with you that meet your business needs, we will advertise this free of charge, shortlist (including pre-assessment) through potential candidates, and arrange interviews where you can meet the candidates.
If they are not what you are looking for you are under no obligation to take them and our expertise ensures that unsuitable candidates are a rarity for employers.

What you will need to set up an Digital Apprenticeship Account (DAS)

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