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Next Level Training is the Business Development Group of Reflections Training Academy. We offer government-funded apprenticeships in Business Administration, Customer Service, Team Leadership, Management, and Marketing – tap into a pipeline of future-proof talent and ambitious individuals to meet your business needs.

With offices located in Bristol and Birmingham, we are able to provide both online learning and face-to-face sessions to many SMEs and larger corporations looking to utilise government funding to nurture talent.


Next Level Training is the Business Development Group of Reflections Training Academy. We offer government-funded apprenticeships in Business Administration, Customer Service, Team Leadership, Management, and Marketing – tap into a pipeline of future-proof talent and ambitious individuals to meet your business needs.

With offices located in Bristol and Birmingham, we are able to provide both online learning and face-to-face sessions to many SMEs and larger corporations looking to utilise government funding to nurture talent.


Next Level Training is the Business Development Group of Reflections Training Academy. We offer government-funded apprenticeships in Business Administration, Customer Service, Team Leadership, Management, and Marketing – tap into a pipeline of future-proof talent and ambitious individuals to meet your business needs.

With offices located in Bristol and Birmingham, we are able to provide both online learning and face-to-face sessions to many SMEs and larger corporations looking to utilise government funding to nurture talent.

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About Us


We are passionate about helping individuals to develop their careers, organisations to build their skills and delivering quality apprenticeship training programmes. 

Our Mission Statement

“Move on up – Advance your skills, Unleash your Potential”

Next Level aspires to promote lifelong learning through developing inspirational, supportive, and creative training.

We continue to build professional relationships with industry leaders and ambassadors to ensure the quality of our apprenticeship programmes and curriculums.


Next Level offer apprenticeships and training in the following areas:

Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship
Customer Service Level 2 & 3 Apprenticeship
Team Leading/ Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship & Level 5 Option
Digital Marketer Level 3 Apprenticeship
Full Time Study Programme

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to 6th form, college or university – They offer a practical approach to gaining skills and qualifications, and allow you to earn a salary at the same time.

We work with employers from many different industries and an apprenticeship is the perfect way learn, develop and specialise in your chosen field.

With over 25 years of experience of delivering apprenticeships, Reflections has a dedicated team of professional training and development consultants to support you through your course and enable you to reach your full potential.

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”


Success Stories

Mark Burland, FCC

“We have used Next Level Training for the last two and half years.

Originally we required one business admin apprenticeship to support our customer services team and future growth and was so impressed we now have a second.

Next Level Training helped with our government account set up, application process and recruitment interviews which saved us a lot of time.

I never thought that an apprenticeship programme would be the right recruitment process for us but I have witnessed first hand how beneficial this has turned out to be for both the apprenticeships and FCC.”

Jake Hitchcock, Unitary Engineering Services Ltd

“When searching for specific areas to work in, I realised that digital marketing struck the perfect balance between utilising my creative background whilst also providing the opportunity as to how to deploy that into a business environment. I had no office experience, and I knew the analytical side of the job was going to be a huge area to be improved on, so I wasn’t particularly comfortable diving straight into a full-time position. It was then I discovered Next Level Training and considered that an apprenticeship could be a great pathway into where I wanted to be. 

Since joining UES under the Digital Marketing course, I have been welcomed into an exciting environment that has pushed me out of my comfort zone for all the right reasons. The material on the course has been well structured, well presented and even though mostly remote and online, our group has got to know each other well and everyone is made to feel comfortable. To be able to apply what is taught in the workshops to the business is rewarding, and it’s great knowing that there is a full-time position waiting for me once the course is completed.”

Connor Evans, Gas Safe

I have been doing apprenticeship courses with Next Level for 4 years and you guys have been so helpful and supportive in getting me through them. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to support me, the training academy is a very welcoming environment and had all the resources I needed to learn all of the new knowledge and skills for my job role. My tutor Ibz has been amazing both at the training academy and on our Zoom calls in assisting me in my course and helping me achieve better than I thought possible. My experience with Next Level has been life changing for me and helped me to grow as a person and within my job role to progress further in life, I can’t thank you guys enough!

Isabella Adams, Host Students

“I have found the business apprenticeship at Next Level to be amazing! I found my tutor Ibz to be so much help he would make sure to explain things in an easy and engaging way and I found that he was really easy to get along with. He would make sure to check in with me and find out if there is anything I needed help with and if I did he would make sure that he explained what I needed to do in-depth. 

I found the course was really well done and was really helpful for my job. I enjoyed that I could use the things I learnt in college in my workplace. I completed my apprenticeship and I am extremely thankful that I had Ibz as a tutor as he really helped to get me through it quickly and easily.”

Tracy Blackmore, Phoenix Dental Surgery

“I was already employed when I started my Apprenticeship training. My employer had already used Reflections Business Development Training to offer Apprenticeships to provide training to other staff so I welcomed the opportunity when they suggested that I do one to develop my skills. I have successfully completed my Team Leading Apprenticeship at Level 2 and I then progressed onto the Management Advanced Apprenticeship Level 3, which I also completed. The best thing about doing an Apprenticeship is that it’s allowed me to develop my skills as I’ve been promoted in my job.”

“Reflections Business Development Training have supported me through the programme and I am visited by my assessor frequently. Learning on the job is great as I develop my skills within the context of my job role which gives me greater understanding, I have real experience that I have used to achieve my NVQ. Now I have completed my Advanced Apprenticeship, I have now started my Management Level 5 NVQ as I want to continue to develop my skills and achieve qualifications.”

Beth Skyes, Arno GB

Beth completed the Business Administration level 2 with Reflections Business Development training.

Beth has progressed into a full time role and has gained a promotion during her time.

Originally, Beth was considering university, but decided to apply for an apprenticeship so she could obtain structure and have an opportunity to put herself in a potential career setting. We asked Beth what she thought of an apprenticeship; “With an apprenticeship you are not alone, if you have issues you can talk to your colleagues, line manager and your assessor. My apprenticeship journey wasn’t like studying a course, it wasn’t solitary as I felt supported throughout.”

Key factors for Beth to decide to do an apprenticeship, was not getting into debt through university, getting paid and to know it would be great for her CV working for a year in a professional role and at the same time still learning.

“My Assessor was lovely, approachable and the most important thing she showed flexibility. The delivery of my course was creative and personable. The training academy felt like a ‘five star hotel’, the student facilities were great and being so central helped me and my employer.”

“My apprenticeship and work placement helped me incorporate a disciplined strategic approach to managing my workload, whilst the skills I learnt became transferable and it enabled me to build confidence.”

Whilst in the position Beth has worked with so many types of industries, sectors and large organisations. With support from Arno GB she has learnt about the process, the business and how they interlink into other roles. 

“After my initial interview with Arno GB, I came home and said “I want to work there!”

“Working for Arno GB, I firstly love the atmosphere, the company is innovative, the role is interesting and no day is ever the same.”

Beth has excelled in her role working with many different organisations and suppliers throughout the year.

Alexander Fox, Digital NRG

Alexander Fox started with Reflections Business Development Training by working towards and completing his Business Administration Level 3 and has now progressed on to Level 3 Diploma in Management.

Key Factors that attracted Alex to the apprenticeship vacancy with Digital NRG were; to be able to gain work experience, to work in a role and for a company that he found extremely interesting as well as giving him the opportunity to utilise and develop his skills set.

Prior to transferring across to the apprenticeship career pathway, Alex was studying Classics at University. During his programme, Alex found himself sitting in on Economics seminars more often than his own course which prompted Alex to change direction and explore opportunities for learning and career development that more suited his skills and interests.

Alex has always found Economic interesting along with digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation), which is why Digital NRG became a good match. Alex liked the role due to the progression of business marketing and saw the role of a future job and found it fascinating how the digital marketing has shifted away from traditional marketing to the current role he finds himself in.

Whilst being employed Alex has also obtained a google qualification called ‘google analysis’. Alex has always had analytical skills however he has felt this role has taught to him to make use of those skills and be able to develop them.

During the last year, Alex has been given more responsibilities and continued to learn and develop greater knowledge leading to Alex feeling more empowered to do the role confidently.

Alexander is now an account manager, he has his own customers and is trusted by his employer and colleagues to complete the tasks set out. Soon, Alex will be overseeing development of colleagues and new team members.

In the future Alexander would like to still stay in the sector however would like to progress further, and continue to learner and develop his skills.

When asked about the interview process, Alex responded “It was definitely challenging, however I felt proud that I was able to impress the employer and pass all the interview stages. I was both excited and nervous at the same time!”

Alex added “Neil is a fantastic employer and he believed in me almost straight away. With the support of both a good employer and a training provider with the skills and tools to support you, they can help you develop on to whoever you want to be. In summary, that’s how I feel about my experience with Digital NRG and Reflections.”

“I would recommend Reflections to future candidates who are not sure if they would like to study an apprenticeship. You can gain practical skills, learn on the job, and leave your studies knowing that you have qualified whilst gaining the experience you need to move forward in your career.”

The Academy is interesting place to learn, I enjoy learning with different learners from other sectors and found doing so extremely informative. My Assessor is friendly and always supportive, someone you can always talk to and remains fair and flexible.”

“If people are worried about their future options, apprenticeships are a great way to gain valuable skills whist doing something you want to do as well as the opportunity to earn during your development.”

Katie Spencer, Lifestyles Online

“I started my Apprenticeship 10 months ago as a business and administration level 3 apprentice with Lifestyles Online. I did not complete a level 2 Apprenticeship before as my job role allowed me to start straight in at a level 3.

Before I started my Apprenticeship I attended Wellsway School where I complete my A levels in the 6th form in media studies, English literature and dance. Even though I had applied for a university place I decided not to go and looked at other options. I know that my options were going to be either a job, go to college full time or look for an Apprenticeship. My parents really supported my decision to look for an apprenticeship as my Dad was an apprentice engineer.

I looked for my Apprenticeship using Apprenticeship Vacancy part of the National Apprenticeship Service website. The website is good as you can look for different job opportunities and apply for the ones you like. As I don’t have my own transport I need to search for vacancies that were close to home. I know that I wanted to work in the creative or media industry so I looked specifically for Apprenticeship jobs with those types of employers. I applied for several vacancies and I also applied to Reflections Business Development Training and they supported me through the Apprenticeship process.

It was Reflections Business Development Training who suggested to me that I apply for the job at Lifestyles Online and I sent over my CV to them and then the invited me in for an interview. I really enjoy working in Bath and working as a level 3 apprentice for Lifestyles Online, day to day I set up campaigns, work with suppliers, support our clients and analyse spreadsheet data. My aim is to move on up and keep progressing within the company.”

Jodie Hanrahan, Lifestyles Online

“I’ve been working at Lifestyles Online since September 2011 and I have completed my Apprenticeship in Business and Administration level 2 and I’ve now progressed onto the Advanced Apprenticeship level 3 in management which I should complete shortly.

I attended Oldfield School for Girls and I decided to do my A levels at Beechen Cliff, achieving A levels in law, psychology and English. Many of my friends had decided to go to university but I decided that this route was not for me as I did not want to get into debt and I wanted to start a profession and starting earning a salary.

I applied for my Apprenticeship job with Lifestyles Online through the National Apprenticeship Service website, I found the Apprenticeship Vacancy website by searching in Google. The good thing about using the AV website is that you can search for vacancies that are close to where you live and by different sectors. I know that I wanted to work in the creative sector so I searched for potential jobs. Once I had sent in my application to Reflections Business Development Training they invited me in for an interview. My top tip for attending an Apprenticeship interview is to answer all the questions that they ask you and you need to tell them why it is that you want to do an apprenticeship, what you want to achieve and any other work experience that you’ve had as it all counts.

In my current job role as a level 3 management apprentice I set up and manage campaigns, work on live feeds and oversee projects. I did not know anything about online marketing until I started working for Lifestyles Online but I now know so much about it as I’ve been developing my specialist knowledge. I love working in the creative marketing sector and long term I would like to further develop my human resource management skills alongside my operations management.”

Jodie says “The best way that I can describe an Apprenticeship is to say that you get everything you need in one package as you are learning new things everyday at work and earning a salary.”

Glenn Lowe, ALD Automotive PLC

When Glenn first came to see us at Reflections Business Development Training, Glenn was unsure about whether to go into work or further education. The decision was daunting but he was offered an Business and Administration Apprentice through ALD Automotive PLC located in Fishponds, who are a vehicle fleet management and leasing company with office in many parts of the world.

This has been very successful for Glenn – since his first apprenticeship, he has completed his Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service and is now a highly valued member of staff.

Glenn is very grateful to Reflections Business Development Training and he was pleased to say “I would have never achieved this without the help of Reflections Business Development Training”.

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